Top 5 Reasons Why No Air Is Blowing from Your AC Vents

Have you been experiencing no air blowing from your air conditioning vents in your home? There can be many reasons for a nonfunctioning air conditioner. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding air conditioner problems that might help you tackle the issue.

Why Is There No Air Coming from My AC Vents?

When the AC filters are clogged with dirt, hair, dust, and other debris, the airflow through the vents in your home may be reduced, decreasing the efficiency of your air conditioning system. This can also happen if the AC filters are blocked by some furniture placed right in front of the system. To avoid this, be sure to change or clean your AC filters at least once a month and keep the space around your AC free of obstacles.

Why Is the Air Blowing from My Central AC Weak?

If you are experiencing weak airflow from vents in the house, check whether it is happening only in one vent or multiple vents. In case only one vent shows the problem, you may be having a problem with a disconnected or leaky duct, a crushed duct flex or a closed damper. On the other hand, if you experience weak airflow in multiple vents, the problem may be blower issues, air duct problems, small or blocked return vents, a dirty air filter, or a frozen evaporator coil.

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Comment by Franco Oyuela on August 19, 2019 at 3:39pm

Why is my AC not blowing?

1. Power problems
Though finding your AC not blowing in a heat wave, may send you into a panic mode, there’s no reason to get alarmed. The cause for your AC not blowing could be a simple one that can be solved at no cost or little cost.

When unbearably hot and humid weather hits, most tend to crank up their air conditioning 24/7, which puts a strain on the power grid. Consequently, power outages are not uncommon during a heat wave. If there has been a power outage, it is conceivable that the clock or timed settings on your thermostat need to be reset.

2. Thermostat issue
It may sound silly, but it’s advisable to check to make sure it is set correctly; some digital thermostats can be tricky to program. Do people in your space like different temperatures? Another possibility is someone who doesn’t like it as cool as you do, may have turned up the thermostat.

The thermostat also could be faulty or its batteries drained, so it can’t send proper signals to your system. The result: your AC not blowing.

3. Clogged filters
It’s so simple, yet so many of us neglect changing filters regularly. Filters are a vital component of an AC system and could be a reason for an AC not blowing. It’s the filter’s job to remove dust and contaminants from the air before it gets trapped in ducts and equipment. If the filter is clogged, air will have difficulty passing through. A clogged filter could cause coils to freeze because your system will be forced to work longer and harder.

4. Make sure vents and registers are not blocked
All too often, we are not mindful of the location vents and registers when we move furniture around a room to capture the best seating design or TV viewing angle. Well, if the sofa is set in front of a vent, then airflow will be blocked.

5. Clean the condenser unit
An AC not blowing sometimes is caused by a dirty condenser unit. The condenser unit, which is usually located outside, is exposed to dirt, soot, debris, tree branches, twigs, leaves and all types of weather. Make sure the condenser and its environs are clean; otherwise it will have difficulty accessing air and could lead to the system overheating. The task of cleaning a condenser unit, which is powered by high voltage electricity and contains hazardous chemicals, should be left up to a HVAC professional.

6. AC not blowing? It could be the ductwork or other system design flaws
It is critical that your AC system has been designed correctly and its ducts installed properly. A well-designed system will feature ducts that deliver the right amount of air to every room. Too many bends/turns in the ductwork will reduce flow. Possibly, the interior space of your building has been rearranged and walls relocated. The original ductwork may not be a good fit for the redesigned space. It is advisable to have a HVAC expert assess the design or your system. A few ductwork changes could go a long way to improving airflow.


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