Weigh in - Honorable Mention? 2nd Base? Half-Way There? 50% Better? On the Path?

The Thousand Home Challenge is moving the category of recognition forward that represents "Half-way there".

There is consensus that this category not be the same as meeting the 1000 Home Challenge. We are not lowering the standard (approximately 70% above average) for meeting the Challenge. 

There is much to learn from households that use half the energy as average Americans,  In many cases, contrary to conventional energy efficiency wisdom, they often have cost-effective opportunities to further cut their energy use - in many cases substantially. 

However, what do we call this new category of recognition?

How do we embrace this level of performance without diluting or confusing the brand?

How do we streamline the verification process?

What I need most are your comments on a name.

Please weigh in with additional name suggestions and your thoughts about this new development.

Honorable Mention?

2nd Base?

Half-way There?

Thousand Home Challenge Lite?

On the Path?

50% Better?

Combination of the above?


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Hi Linda,

Thank you for clarifying the % reduction for the proposed new category.  Yes, 50% reduction is significant and an award that conveys the achievement should have a title with a nice ring to it.  I don't like the word "half" because I have more negative than positive association with the word (like half-baked, half-assed, halfway house).  Here are my suggestions to throw into the mix for consideration:

  • 50% Reduction Stage Award
  • 50% Milestone Award
  • Significant Achievement Award:  50% Reduction 
  • Lime Green Stage Award (color reference to HERS index)

I think the measurement of achieving this level this could be as simple as:

  1. Adding 2 cells on the application form immediately below the Option-A and Option-B numbers to indicate the 50% numbers for each option. This make the target numbers very clear.
  2. Whenever 12-months of utility data hit the 50% mark the achievement recognition is awarded.

As for increasing case study library how about hosting a monthly webinar on different topics by creating a schedule of what worked well and lessons learned from the THC community members?  You know that we show up whenever you ask to contribute to the forum but we hardly ever volunteer information without your nudging.  I know you've done all of these in the past so I'm simply restating the things I found useful.  To organize this it could be something like this:

  • Solicit webinar topics and discussion leaders from the group
  • The format could be (a) given a topic there are 3 or 4 panel members from the group sharing their experience; (b) crowd source the solution to a specific problem that someone is having by inviting members to pitch in with ideas and expertise.
  • Assign a scribe to summarize highlights of the webinar and post a new discussion in this forum (http://homeenergypros.lbl.gov/group/1000homechallenge/forum) with a link back to THC website.  This keeps the discussion alive by having people pitch in their ideas after the webinar.
  • Also, separate from the webinar content have an evergreen discussion thread on this forum where people can simply note lessons learned, problems, or what didn't work.  I think people tend to shy way from sharing stories of things that didn't work but those are really useful learning experiences.
  • Put together a 12-month schedule of topics and post on this forum as well as THC website.  Perhaps it can be coordinated with topics featured in conferences (ACEEE, ACI, ZNE, etc.) or publications (Home Energy magazine) to draw more people into the discussion.

I'm grateful that you continue to engage us and keep the THC vision alive Linda.  Keep letting us know how we can best help.


Great suggestions Chie - 

Of the names you propose, I like "50% Milestone" the best.

So far we have not effectively linked this forum to the 1000 Home Challenge website very effectively.

Could you clarify what you mean by evergreen discusssion?

Hi Linda,

Using the word "evergreen" I intended to convey the notion of topics that are of general interest with a life longer than a specific discussion thread.  On second thought it may not be useful to overly dissect the posting for information categorization purposes.  

Thanks for the many comments and insights. In terms of a name for the 50% halfway there category, I feel that 50% Milestone will work best. Thanks Chie for this suggestion!

Anyone with a better idea? 


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