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Im looking at buying energy efficient windows for my home. I hear they can considerably reduce heating loss in winter while keeping the place cool in Summer. Does anyone know rounghly how much they cost and are they worth the investment?

Looking here - https://priceexperts.co.uk/window-prices/energy-efficient/ - there’s a rough estimate. Does anyone have any experience cost versus benefit?


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Good windows matter, particularly in super cold climates, if you're floor plan has you sedentary near a window. 

It's a mean radiant thang....

Energy payback, 1000 years. Comfort payback, priceless.

As others have said - replacement windows are helpful for comfort but don't expect them to payback in energy savings alone.

I know windows have a long payback period as compared to other improvements such as insulation, air sealing, duct replacement etc. What I'd like to know is once the decision is made to upgrade windows is it worth paying more for say the more premium, triple pane windows with the higher R-value framing, etc. Once the decision has been made (probably at least somewhat on price) to upgrade is there an ROI on spending more than say a basic double-pane window you'd get at Home Depot vs a more expensive, premium one? Does anyone know?

The calculation involves heat loss across the window. Calculate the difference based on the u-value of each window type. Calculation is also climate specific. Then translate that BTU difference into dollars based on fuel type used and cost per unit of that fuel type. (Or, easier, run it through modeling software)

Thermal resistance is largely determined by the nature of the insulating material, its thickness and Its percentage in the surface area of the envelope.   Therefore, you are going to lose a relatively high amount of thermal energy over a relatively small surface area.  Secondly, insulated glass is relatively fragile and will not tolerate stresses of any kind, and explains why even the best windows seldom have more than a twenty-year warranty.  Triple pane glass invites the same failure rate at a much higher replacement cost.  The window industry is struggling to reach the R-4 initiative, which is still a relatively poor insulating value.  Oddly enough, you can obtain the same or better performance (because of the increased airspace) by adding a storm window to a primary window, as well as possibly an interior storm.  The simpler a system becomes, the better it will perform over time.

And storm windows are now available as an "Energy Star" product - a very worthy option for the home owner that desperately needs to improve their window situation and have a limited budget. Installation is much less complicated too.


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