Top Safest Ways To Remove Crawl Space Mold

Living in a home with a crawl space can be an adventure some times. And those of us that do have a crawl space know all too well the costly problems that a crawl space can bring. One of the worst of all crawl space problems is mold growth. Crawl spaces can be a breeding ground for mold. The main reason for this is because of the fact that many crawl spaces are prone to moisture and water. Reducing or eliminating excessive moisture and water in the crawl space can go a long way in helping reduce your chances of mold growth. But if you are one of the unfortunate homeowners who already has mold growth, you might be asking yourself what the best possible method for removing it is.

Most crawl space mold remediation services are not only costly, but they tend to also be performed by using an array of potentially harmful chemicals. In fact some of these mold remediation techniques require homeowners to vacate their house during the process and can even leave long lasting odors in the upstairs living areas. But removing crawl space mold no longer has to be so costly or so dangerous. There is a relatively new process for removing crawl space mold that eliminates much of these health concerns for homeowners. This safer, greener process of removing crawl space mold is called the Carolina Protocol. The Carolina Protocol utilizes a non-toxic application that is applied to the mold growth. The application used is an 8% hydrogen peroxide and 92% water mixture.

How Does It Work
The 8% hydrogen peroxide mixture that is applied to the areas of mold growth works by destroying the mold growth itself through a process known as oxidation. To understand oxidation one needs to simply think back on the last time they applied hydrogen peroxide to a cut or scrape. If you remember doing this then you should remember seeing some type of bubbling action take place after applying hydrogen peroxide to the cut. This bubbling action is the bacteria in the cut being destroyed by the hydrogen peroxide or in other words being destroyed by oxidation. Although the hydrogen peroxide used on the cut is of a much less strength, the same process that destroys the bacteria in the cut is the same process that destroys the mold growth. These process cuts down on not only cost, but also reduces the harmful impacts that other methods use. Although there are usually a few additional steps that include HEPA Vaccums and cleaning, the overall time, cost, and health concerns associated with crawl space mold removal are greatly reduced.

Adam Swain
SwainCo. Crawl Space and Basement Repair

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