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Split Level Solarized Home Models

  This past month I wanted to expand on an idea I had designing tiny homes for use with larger ranch and split level homes.  The split level home is ideal in the  mountain regions where I live at where we have lots of hills and mountain side…

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IAQ and Mold: The Dangers and Your Duty As Building Owner

What Is Mold?

According to the IICRC S520 “Molds are microorganisms that utilize organic substrates as nutrient sources in the presence of moisture.” Well, to put it more simply: molds are little organisms that like to grow on wet, organic materials (A.K.A. wood floors, dirt, and drywall).

Mold doesn't grow on inorganic materials; However, it can grow on the dirt present on the…


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Strategies for Hiring and Interviewing for Home Performance Professionals

Hire slow and fire fast.  It’s a phrase that experienced managers and human resources professionals live by because many of us have learned the hard way that it only takes one bad hire to put your business into DEFCON Red Alert mode, which unfortunately tends to last weeks or even months after the event.  Certainly, robust training programs, quality assurance, employee perks, good pay and an encouraging work environment all contribute to a company’s success, but it’s the human element, the…


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People Who Save Energy

According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), there are millions of workers in the country creating homes that are more energy efficient, and safer and more comfortable to live in. In fact, the Department of Energy puts that number at more than 2-million people working for energy…


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Equipment We Use: Detecting Water With Infrared Cameras

You know water is somewhere on the property, you can smell the mildew, but can't determine the source of the leak. So how do you find water that you can't see? As a water damage restoration company, one of our most important tools in our arsenal is an FLIR camera, or an infrared camera. …


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Focusing on payback to motivate customers?

From the OmStout Blog

My experience has shown that focusing on payback is usually one of the least effective ways to motivate homeowners to invest in projects that save energy. Other motivators like comfort, healthier homes, lower bills (yes,…


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Building a Market for High-Performing Homes

There is a growing number of labels, scores, and certifications in the market today that assign a metric of performance to existing and new homes that include energy efficiency features. Some residential scores and labels are national, like Home Energy Score, but many are local or regional, like our friends at Pearl Home Certification (which you can read more…


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Coping with Dust and Smoke From Fires

October will long be remembered in Northern California, where wildfires destroyed over 8,000 structures, killed scores, and forever changed Sonoma and Napa counties. Survivors face new threats and hazards seldom addressed in design-build magazines and chat rooms.

We instinctually fear flames from…


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HPC filed comments on Docket to help the Nevada Public Utilities Commission begin implementation of SB 150, the Nevada Energy Efficiency Act.

Rulemaking Docket on Senate Bill 150 (2017) - Docket No. 17-08023

Nevada has enacted exciting new legislation to reform and modernize its energy efficiency programs. On October 24, 2017, HPC filed comments on Docket No. 17-08023 – to help the Nevada Public Utilities Commission begin implementation of SB 150, the Nevada Energy Efficiency Act.

As Nevada begins the implementation of SB 150, HPC respectfully requested that the Public Utilities Commission (PUC)…


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SAVE BIG TIME on your 2017 HPC California Home Performance Hotel + Conference Rates!

Kicking off this fabulous conference and trade show in Long Beach with keynote speaker, Commissioner Andrew McAllister of . We'll be chalk full of Tacks, Sessions, Exhibits and the Boot Camp.

This conference is going to rock! 

In addition, we have some deals! Save $50 with HPC's hotel room block rate. If you're a…


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HPC Responds to the Direct Testimony of Randall Short - West Virginia Public Service Commission

The Home Performance Coalition (HPC) recently wrote Hon. Michael A. Albert, Chairman of the West Virginia Public Service Commission in response to the September 15, 2017 Direct Testimony of Randall Short in Case No. 17-0401-E-P, which reaches the extraordinary and unsupported conclusion that with the proposed EE/DR programs “from an economic perspective, customers are better off if the proposed programs are denied.” (Short Testimony, Page 7).

HPC believes that the economic conclusions…


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New Home Builders Tackle Zero-Energy Home Building in Connecticut

Connecticut’s 2016 Zero Energy Challenge reinforces the growing interest in the zero-energy home building movement. In addition to increased participation among experienced homebuilders, the 2016 challenge had an influx of inexperienced zero-energy home builders trying their hand at zero-energy homebuilding for the first time, with two winning.

How did they do it?

Research, research, and more research



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3 Issues HVAC contractors Should Know About Impacting Customer Comfort and Health

There is an epidemic of people suffering in many of the 100 million homes across the U.S.  Many of your customers are living in uncomfortable and unhealthy homes, and are wasting money trying to heat and cool their homes.

Even after HVAC contractors have installed higher efficiency, properly sized equipment in their homes, many are still getting call backs from customers because they have rooms and entire homes that remain too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.  The HVAC…


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Net-Zero Energy Homes at No Additional Up-front Cost

The U.S. residential real estate market is booming, with new home sales steadily rising over the last few years. In March 2017, over 621,000 new single-family homes were sold at a median sales price of $345,800. Imagine if most of these new home developments were…


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Wood Gas For Electrical Power? Or "How to run a generator on wood gas."

Modern wood gas powered electrical generator.
  Wood and coal gasification was used in the early days of the gas fired street lamps before natural gas came to be…

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Envisioning A Sustainable Green Market And Economy

Amazing Energy-Generating Buildings for the 2017 Astana World Expo (?)

  As interesting as the above vision is, we have to ask our selves if the cost of construction to realize the artistic vision of this building, will in any wise be recovered by its projected energy generation capabilities?  For the most part I can see a need for lots of interior cooling and have to ask where the source or power for this is coming from? …

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MPG for Homes - The Quest for the Best

An mpg-like rating for homes is here. For the first time in history, people can find out the expected energy use of any home in the U.S. This single piece of information conveys helpful insights including the expected cost of maintaining a home, the environmental impact of the home, and a proxy for how comfortable the home is likely to be. This information will become more widely available from more sources as…


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Core Heat And Other Concepts

  In some places the use of solar heated liquids from hot water solar panels are used to provide heating for floors which are fitted with tubing in the floor to move the heated liquid through.  Heated liquid from hot water solar panels can also be sent to registers or radiators in remote places in a home such as its core.

  Another innovative way that heated liquids can be used is to move the liquid into a…

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Sizing Solar Space Heating Panels

Solar Space Heating Panels
   This article is open to additional information being added later as I can manage the time. I would want to detail as much useful information as possible, however for today what we have here is a good start.

   In this discussion we will be looking at solar space heaters of the air…

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Tiny House Boom

Subtitle: "A Good Way To Introduce Green Building On A Mass Scale"

Here is a tiny house of around 800 square feet that sports some of the better concepts in energy efficiency along with solar heating.  With design devoted to lowering the energy signature of the structure it does not take…

Added by Dannie Jackson on October 5, 2017 at 10:00am — 3 Comments

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