I have been using TREAT software to do my energy auditing reports. While this software is a powerful tool, its seems that it is designed to work as part of a utility or weatherization program, and not for an independent energy auditing company, that is trying to make a great impression with their customers.

I am hoping to switch to a new software tool that will allow me to report all important information such as blower door numbers, minimum ventilation requirements, combustion safety information, as well as list all recommended improvements with SIR/ ROI information,and pictures from the audit, in an attractive and easy to understand report, with good graphics. I find TREAT too cumbersome and takes too long to produce a report, which is not really compelling for the customers.  I would also like to be able to have the report finished in an hour and no longer than 1.5 hours. 

Please share your experience with auditing software. I would like to hear what software works for you.

I am considering Energy Optimizer, Energy Guage, and RECURVE.

Thanks. Kevin Eigel, Ecohouse

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How cool is that.

I'm going to spend some time this weekend checking this software out.

How do you get more info ?

What are the costs-- monthly ? yearly ? per report ?  How to customize Etc.

I plugged in my home and the report was pretty accurate.

How best to run ?  Ipod - Motion Tablet - laptop ?



Hi Kevin

Did I hear Holy Grail in their? I've been looking for a long time and the ones that do it all are owned by the companies that use them.  I followed up after your post to see what is happening with RECURVE and it seemed to be slow to penetrate the market and difficult to evaluate.  Energy Gauge, I have played with, but the sample audit I looked at was 85 pages long and being 1,200 miles away there was no potential with them to move to doing HERS ratings.  When I played they had a HERS version for Florida and a USA version for everyone else.  Price was reasonable, but for me the complexity was not.

I'm not familiar with Energy Optimizer but may take a look.

Depending upon your location and audit intentions, have you looked at what is the preferred software around you.  In my state the STATE created their own software so if I choose to submit any homes for rebates of other government programs, it has to be on their software.  Yet, I'm not allowed to produce other non-program audits on it.  Thus, I need another package.  I do a lot of very simple audits to get people started so I'm hoping the new SCORE program can fill that gap.

I'll be watching to see what others recommend.



Check out LBNL's Home Energy Saver PRO



It doesn't have everything you're asking for but may help.

It's free and transparantly documented here:



We're also developing the tool for the "SCORE" program that Bud mentions.

You can find more about that at http://homeenergyscore.gov

I started a trial of Optimiser recently and I am impressed.  It has the capability to be as complex as you would ever need yet it can be used even if you only have minimal data.  It can provide estimates and detailed scopes of work in the report which is fully customizable.  The report can be generated as a word doc and can include as much or as little information as you want.  It takes some time to learn but I think after a few homes it should be a fairly quick and easy process. 

I just started a 30 free  trial of Optimiser.  It looks good and as Matt states it takes some time to get used to but has a place for all data and the reports look good.  The start up cost is fair as is the  cost per report . 


I am a new one. I found in google very relevant stakeholder group like You.

My name is Kalvis Ozolins. I am a developer of building online energy audit program. I am from Latvia.

I am very happy announce You that the application is ready also in english, and is available in link http://www.energoaudits.eu/en

Please, feel free to look on it. It is not commercial

This is an old post but it's still very relevant so I thought I'd give our app a mention in this list. I am one of the co-founders of Snugg Home and we make the home energy auditing app called Snugg Pro. Granted, I may be slightly biased here :) but we try very hard to balance the complexity of residential building science with speed and ease of use. You can learn more about Snugg Pro here.

I've been trying to answer this question for many years and have not yet found an answer. I've tried just about all of them and haven't been convinced any are the solution. The answer for me was to abandon all software and do any necessary calcs on my own. If I screw up, that's my fault for not knowing the science.

The problem with the software out there is that it's really a "black box" of calculations that the end user has no idea if the results are accurate. What if it's wrong? I read an article a while back, I think it was written by Joseph Lstiburek, about energy auditing software and how INaccurate they all are, which really made an impression on me. Joe says, "The best way we learn all of this is to build it and you see what happened. You say, “Ah, this worked. This didn’t,” and that’s the best education or information." I couldn't agree more.

However, I'm not done looking. I will admit Snugg Pro is a promising bit a software. I tried the trial version a couple of weeks ago and the inputs were simple and the output was comprehensive. I tested it against my own calcs and it was very close. But as with most of the software I've tried over the years, I end up copying from the reports and pasting into a document with my own formatting. Some don't even allow you to copy the output.

Good luck in your search, and please post back when you've found the best!

Hi Rod,

I'm one of the co-founders of Snugg Pro. Thanks for the mention here!  

Like you, we try hard to avoid the inefficiencies of copy/pasting, and I'll venture that our HPXML exports won't help you here. How about contacting support with your reporting requirements?  We'll do our best to help you. 

Also as of this month, we uploaded some short training videos to help shed light on the full breadth of Snugg Pro's features: https://vimeopro.com/user3824926/snugg-pro-v4-training

In another 4-minute video below, you can get a quick overview of some of the customization features for the homeowner report (pdf).

Again, feel free to reach out to Support if we can be of assistance!


Not a fan of Cake software.  It is too vague for my taste.

I have used many of the software out there.  There are paid modeling software that are quite good (probably my favorite actually is RESNET's RemRate, but you have to be certified with them to use it)

Mostly I use the free Weatherization Assistant.  (download from Waptac.org)

Yes, it is designed for weatherization, but has many data points that are adaptable to the private realm, if you play around in the Setup Library.  The report however is not at all client-friendly, so if that is your aim, this won't work for you.  Once you are familiar with this software, an average house can be completed in 30-45 minutes.

I don't perform any audits myself, but I came across this relatively new tool that may be worth checking out:



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