The Metric System Is for Lovers—A Valentine's Day Manifesto

Enjoy Allison Bailes' Valentine's Day Manifesto (from a few years ago.) Originally posted on

The Metric System Is for Lovers—A Valentine's Day Manifesto

What better time than Valentine's Day to make a pitch for going to the system of units that the vast majority of the world uses. No, really, I'm dead serious. Here's my reasoning (and you know how good I am at this kind of sideways thinking).

First, I drive my wife wild — a good thing for Valentine's Day, right? — whenever I tell her the temperature in degrees Celsius! (Unfortunately, that's wild with frustration, but it should still count.)

Second, we abbreviate the International System with SI, from the French, Système International d'unités, and everyone knows that French is the language of love. If you said, "Oh, mademoiselle, j'aime la façon dont ces kilos superflus sur vous," in a sexy French accent, the mademoiselle would be yours (unless she happens to understand French).

Third, if God had meant us to use the metric system, we'd have 10 fingers...and well, actually, that's what most of us have.

But seriously, isn't it time we just get over this silly hurdle and use the system of units that make sense? I mean, wouldn't you rather figure out how many grams in a kilogram than how many furlongs per slug-minute you need to equal a rood-pint per stone century?! If so, join me in my new campaign to start the conversion by making Valentine's Day our first metric holiday.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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