I'm in the market for a new insulation machine and am unhappy with my existing plug in machine because it's broken down too many times in the field.  I'd like to see what insulation machines other contractors are using or have used, how long you used it, where they have failed and what maintenance you have done for them over time.

The terminals on my control board have failed the most often and needed to be replaced and now the motor has been overheating more frequently. Thanks in advance!

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If you find over heating look at voltage/amp draw very hard.    I find if you have unequal  volts leg to leg -L1 / L2 then will have hot spots in the motor and warps - then high bearing wear then controls fail with very high amp draw,  motor starts drawing Locked Rotor Amps (LRA)   Its about size of wire going to high amp draws and very good connections.   If you have hot spots use your IR on a cold day to find weak or loose or poor fittings.   I had a #8 stranded heavy duty cord SJO cover with a hot spot 10' from end where the door hit it,  it took out 2 blower motor in a week before I found it.      

Hi Dave, I'm not sure what you were using but I have a Krendl 475 for sale. Never broke down and they are amazing machines. Do some research and you will see the reliability and performance of the Krendls. Mine is lightly used with 80 hours and works great. If you have any questions you can reach me at 716-573-5254 my name is Daniel


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