If you had 30 seconds to tell a homeowner what your company does, how would it go?

how would you answer this question? it can be difficult in any industry to come up with 30 second commercial for your business. However, it can be extremely difficult when 95 percent of homeowners have never heard of your industry.

I look forward to the responses!

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Hi Noah, I hate it when someone pokes me in one of my a sore spot :) and being brief is definitely one of my weaknesses.

Ben Stalling asked a similar question over at EnergyAuditorTalk and for me it highlighted the importance of public speaking.

30 seconds??? I would have to hand them my business card and tell them they could save a $1,000 a year by visiting my web site and then put the rest of my presentation over there, behind a killer front page. Being brief on our web sites is just as important as face to face.

I'll be watching for some good pointers.


I don't think I can get it to 30 seconds, but I can do it in 2-3 minutes with this Prezi.

Home Performance Prezi

I'm working on a video about this that comes in at about 1:20 giving the 4 Tenets of Home Performance.

Aside from that, most people want their pain points answered: I can substantially reduce your icicles in winter and help keep your upstairs cool in summer - which means your spouse will be that much happier! Then I'll aim them at my blog.

-Nate Adams

Noah, I think we are in this thing together now so much that we need partners like we need lungs. And those who are interested in what we offer need inclusion so folks come to us. The best worms are KNOWLEDGEABLE real estate agents and brokers selling energy efficiency, worming around the buying and selling players replete with money plus the drive to put it where their nest needs it. agents BENEFIT largely from impressing a buyer or seller with a tidbit of appropriate information or recommendation from a trusted friend. The most successful are always working with interested buyers and capable builders, energy performance programs and contractors who can deliver solutions to home issues and anomalies.

My 30 seconds would go like this: Yes this is Joe. Who's calling? My name is ..., and my agent asked me to see if you could take a look at a house we plan to sell. It's a... with...heat and an old... but our pain is... Is there any chance you could see it this week?

Get friends from doing what you do so well that people won't shut up about you when the chance even remotely pops into the conversation to shoot off their mouth about what you did for THEM. Like Gump said sorta, happy is as happy does. Cultivate gardeners, not gardens.

Home performance contractors discover opportunities to improve housing stock. We leave it safer and more comfortable, healthier and easier on the resources. The added value resides in its durability, sustainability and long-term minimalist impact while delivering the maximum sensible level of comfort.

No other contractor treats the house as a whole. We do. We find weak links. A building inspection is just looking at the bones - like an X-ray. We do the Home Stress Tests and find performance issues - where you live and breathe.

What kind of performance are you getting from your beloved...home?

Over there, in her chair, at home, she's wondering when those Winter winds are gonna come and blow all of the warmth out of her bones.

We splay the rainbows, you and I. We splay the rainbows in her eyes. We spread the colors of the reinbows where tomorrow and efficiency SHINE through her REIN of time.

With our gizmos and a rapping, she can see that simply tapping into channels that are sapping all the comfort from her home, and then packing up those places, stuffing stuff into all the spaces, 'll choke the chill out of chases and make the house a real oasis - a pleasure dome to rest her bones...

So over there, dancin' 'round her chairs alone, she's knowing that those Winter winds will come and go and blow, but they won't TOUCH the warmth inside of her home.

Cause we splayed the reinbows, you and I. We splayed the reignbows where tomorrow and efficiency shine through her REIGN of time!

In our holistic approach to energy efficiency, we are not pushing cookie-cutter product-based solutions to a healthier home; instead, we are applying scientifically-proven methods designed to take the guesswork out of home improvement and resulting in a quickened rate of return on your investment.

Having spent much of my career in sales/marketing as well as training/coaching- it's called the classic "elevator pitch"- you are getting on an elevator and you see the CEO- what do you say? A brief message that conveys your company's value proposition and most importantly open the door for further dialog. You need to engage the propect/homeowner  with open ended questions to determine interest and qualify- the basic sales process hasn't changed. What has changed is the social media and content delivery in your marketing efforts.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. So far I have come up with "I make road maps to help you plan your houses future" The problem is that it is a little to generalized. I would love to hear other opinions.

Bill, your 30 seconds should ring a bell, theirs not yours. That means saying things they want to hear. Whether that's something for free, what incentives are available, or a new kitchen paid for from the energy savings, depends upon your approach, but more often than not, it is not an explanation about heat loss, boiler efficiency, or the evils of carbon fuels. Like a politician, you most first get elected (invited into their home) before you can impress them with your knowledge.


I just do home energy audits, so it is easy.


I help you make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

My "elevator speech";

I am a Home Performance Contractor. We do energy audits and all of the work necessary to improve the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of homes and small businesses. We are your local energy efficiency experts!

Brad Cook

Building Performance Services LLC

 I tell people I'm an expert that can help you halve your electrical consumption- I can prove I did it and

if your interested I can show you what using energy in a logical manner can do for you - you may only

be able to save 1/3 of your electric bill.Still thats typically $300-$400 dollars annually.


 Most get the message it takes about 22 seconds to deliver it- the problem is to few want to do the stuff

that needs to get the task ( reduced energy consumption) done. The airsealing, insulating , fixing poor door

or window air gaps or switching over to quality LED lighting are not foriegn concepts they ( the public) are

just uninformed about the process and consquences.

 I think the first part of improving the energy waste patterns in the country hinges on educating the average

customer just how much energy cost are for rental BTU's and kWs- letting folks know about our success will hopefully

encourage others to emulate our actions. Cutting your electric bill in half is especially gratifing- Comed has gotten 

too much of my money, I empowered our home from sending the damned electric company extra money each month

- it's been this way for each + every month since 2006 when we went Bright green.



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