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   I will be taking the AC /heat pump BPI class in November and I am in search for study material to prepared me for the class. When searching online all you get are class offerings, not study material! None of my friends in home performance have that certification, so they tell me to wait for the class to get my binder.... my point is if I read ahead without the stress of been in the class, I be better prepared and have a chance to ask even better questions... so is anyone here that could help me?

Thank you in advance, 


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Take a look at the Saturn bookstore:  If you need more specific information as to what to study send them an email.



   nothing specific about AC /heat pump certification...  great resource though for building science!

The Weatherization Assistance Program's Standardized Curricula has some basic overview materials for AC.

Thanks! is a entirely free self study of all the exam fundamentals

Thank you David for your reply... I checked it out and it seems all material there covers BPI's BA certification... I am searching for study material for BPI's AC /Heat pump certification... Please let me know if I missed something on that website!


I would look at NATEX.ORG  study guides core and heat pump.  I find you need some field time 2 yrs or so to pass. Most of the Curricula is the same.  Also look at  more older things but still right on.  The CM test is for a 8 yr teck and most can not pass it.  Most local HVAC schools will have base books also and can get used ones for cheap.    I was on the NATE fundamental for 10 yr and made up over 10,000 questions on heating and cooling - most were just very bad and not used.   Then tested and most got the boot.  Most have to much local lingo and does work in all of testing area.

I love that you want to study up before your class.  That is a great attitude.

I doubt there are any study materials out there.  Go to the BPI website and get the Testing / Knowledge List.  Research and study up on the various concepts on that list and you will do great.

The written test is not particularly difficult.  The field test is on the BPI website which makes it easy as well.

 If you are taking a course, unfortunately, they will probably be teaching to the test so you shouldn't have any problem.

Thank you for your reply! Well, if we are going to take the trouble to take the class, we should may as well go as better prepared as we can! I was actually hoping that someone who has taught that class may be kind enough to email me a copy of the study material since those manuals comes with a CD. I guess I did not directly asked that way because I was wondering if there was in fact actual material out there that could help us become better at what we do!  Now I have to research the different reference options offered by Paul, Eric, Matthew and John! 

  Thank you guys for your suggestions! 


A few great resources:

Russell King's Introduction to Residential HVAC Systems  ( )  is a great overview of HVAC systems.  Good explanations and very clear.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology by Bill Whitman, Bill Johnson, John Tomczyk and Eugeine Silberstein is a substantial resource volume from Delmar. 

Fundamentals of HVACR by Carter Stanfield and David Skaves from AHRI is the support volume that I used in my AC/Heat Pump class.  Again a substantial, long term resource volume.  Well illustrated and clear.

And last but not least take a look at  Although it is not a beginning resource necessarily, it will certainly walk you through the hands-on experience in different scenarios.  It was developed in harmony with the Delmar book by the same folks who developed the Intercaz, hands-on program.

Good luck.

Luis,  CEE1 published a 62 page Specification of Energy-Efficient Installation and Maintenance Practices for Residential HVAC Systems, a wonderful thorough illustrated guide, specific, concise and thorough though not in "standardese"  Copyright 2000.  Let me hear if you are unable to find this document or get it from the Consortium. The ACCA standard is not as descriptive, or illustrated, as was the CEE1 publication.

Also dated, though a great learning resource:  Case Study Field Evaluation of a Systems Approach to Retrofitting a Residential HVAC System, LBNL, 2003. 77p, illustrated. There may be a more recent version

Finally, GROUND-SOURCE HEAT PUMP PROJECT ANALYSIS, a publication within the Canadian RETSCREEN Program, 72p, illustrated, 2004 is the best resource I know for GeoX.

These may get you beyond what certification requires.  Also, there's no guarantee that this material aligns well with the set of test questions, which may have greater emphasis on safety and less emphasis on retrofit practices.   I use a strategy of taking a yellow marker and aligning info in resource material with the list of knowledge, skills & abilities from BPI, & also hgihlighting each on the BPI list as I go.  Then ask the instructor about listed knowledge not highlighted.

Good luck with your November class & I hope this material is interesting and helpful!


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