Heya! I've been lurking for a while on the various formats that came together for the HEP Forum. Haven't posted/contributed for a while due to crazy busy schedule (that's good, right!?!)

I'm working on a series of blog articles on Exterior Insulation & Deep Energy Retrofits, specifically in cold climates.

Just to give you some background, I've worked with clients to design and carry out DERs, specified some others, and am now working on a demonstration project for NZE renovations, and I sit on two technical working groups in Canada focussed on retrofits, NZE and exterior insulation optimization.

The articles will start with the projects that I'm involved with, but I want to broaden the scope by getting more information out there on who's doing what, how cost-effective different approaches are, if costs and approaches vary regionally, and how do we improve performance and cost effectiveness. In addition, there will be articles on tackling the actual details: roof overhangs, connection to existing house, door/window openings, moisture management, etc.

If you have worked, or are working, on Deep Energy Retrofits with exterior insulation, please give me a shout so we can set up an interview time. Or you can drop a line here.

If you've got any questions or concerns you want to see addressed in the blog articles, jump into the discussion here.

I'll post the articles in HEP Forum as I publish them.


ps you can find me at Bfreehomes and Blue House Energy

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We discussed this off-line, but here's a readily available in-progress report from a while ago...


Field testing is in progress -- last night, we got our first snow flurries of this winter!

Thanks Don! Are you tracking/monitoring the performance of the building in anyway (other than utility bills)?

I did 2 projects last year, both on houses where the siding was being replaced. 

The first, in Portland, was on a house where the stucco had failed.  We dense packed the 2x4 walls w/ cellulose, then used 1.75" iso w/ rainscreen, then Hardi plank. Other improvements to come later.

The other, in Bozeman, MT, was on a down-to-the studs gut remodel. The contractor used 3.5" structural panels (EPS w/one sided OSB. This was a complete package with basement wall insulation,new windows, R-60 attic insul.  PV with mini-splits and a couple dozen ceiling cans(can't win them all). Owner raves about the comfort. 

I have some photos and probably could get approximate costs. I don't believe that energy savings could be extracted in either case.

In these circumstances, we had an opportunity and a responsibility. I see it as a 100 year investment that pays for itself in many ways. Given the many ways people spend/waste money on their houses, adding wall insulation seems pretty rational.

Hey Shawna,

Have you worked with thermal insulation coatings? They are normally a modified elastomeric coating with specific ceramic particles. They are normally a tighter formula so they restrict air and moisture movement, a semi-permeable rating. Make sure they property is air sealed properly. A commercial example is a cool roof application. Base color is white but most can be tinted with regular colorants or infrared reflective pigments for added protection.


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