Encapsulated CS cold floors without batt insulation

So like the Title says. I have an encapsulated crawl space with spray foam insulation around the perimeter. The floors do not have any insulation and are cold. It doesn't help that my entire home is either tile or hardwood. I'm wondering if there is a way to warm up the floors in the winter in a cost effective manner. The good thing about it, in the summer the floors are cool and my AC doesn't have to work too hard to keep it comfortable. I'm thinking the good just cancels out the bad and just live with it but just wanted to reach out the group to see if anyone had any ideas.



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Sure---condition the crawl space.

Thanks, I do have my air ducts in the space, but I'm usually running my woodstove. I have a few vents detached and free blowing in the space. When the heat is running, it doesn't seem to make much difference on the floors. It may just be that tile is obviously inherently cold. Maybe I'll just add some more throw rugs ;-) Would any kind of insulation board under the floors be worth a try? I definitely don't want to add fiberglass batts, I hate that stuff.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer  and like to scrounge a bit then you could visit some re-roofing jobsites and start collecting scraps of Polyisocyanurate board insulation. Piece it together across the crawlspace floor, tape the seams if you want, and lay that carpet over it. Should help. You might want to do a slab moisture test first in order to prevent condensation under the polyiso.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dm_ZUaqybug

Thanks I'll look into it

You'll probably want to eliminate the radiant link between the ceiling/subfloor and the floor of crawlspace. They are likely fairly close and the cool earth cools the floor above it in both winter and summer. Far less expensive than conditioning the entire crawl. A budget approach would be Reflectix a comprehensive one would include full cavity insulation and vapor barrier if necessary.


Just as an FYI, tile floors will always "feel" cool no matter what time of year especially if barefoot or just wearing socks unless exposed to some sort of heat - be it the sun or whatever

Adding in insulation won't really help much except for mentally. Best bet is make sure all air leaks are taken care of due to normal wintertime sack effect. As I recall your crawl should only be about 5-10 degrees different from main house if encapsulation was done properly

That's kind of what I was thinking, it will just be cold. At least it's nice in the summer though. The temp is basically about whatever the earth temp is at that level and a little from the effect from the living area. I think the encapsulation was done fairly well. No tests have really been done, but thick high-grade plastic was used, large overlapping seems with good tape, all piers wrapped, all vents to the outside were blocked, plastic ran up the perimeter walls and closed cell foam was sprayed around the perimeter walls. It does smell a little dank in there like a crawl space would, I would like to get it to smell a little more fresh. The humidity levels stay pretty good, not low but not enough for mold to grow. Would it be worth it to have a few incandescent light bulbs on down there all the time? This might warm it up a little and maybe help it smell better?? Any tips for making it smell better? I do have a transfer grill from the living to the crawl space. I have a few fans that stay on down there and sometimes I put a fan at the access door in the garage and have it pulling the air from the living space through the crawl and out the access door in the garage. I leave a window in the garage cracked so the air has a way out. I'm just a DIY guy though, am I doing this right? ;-)


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