Does anyone have any information about the SCORE program?  It was scheduled to start in summer 2011.  Part of V.P. Biden's "Recovery through Retrofit" program.  This was supposed to be one of the BIG achievements.  Ring any bells?

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My understanding is that it will be the person (not the company) that is certified to generate the scores.  Do feel free to send your question to for a definitive answer.  I suspect they'll create a FAQ page at some point to share answers to questions like this.

I completely agree with your thinking:  "SCORE is the foot in the door that begins the education process...."


Thank you Evan, email has been sent and I will share their reply.



I think this thread will be their FAQ page...thanks Bud  :)

Thanks Gary, I also prefer an open forum for hashing out this and other new opportunities and doing so before they are cast in stone.

Here's my gut feeling.  Independent energy auditors need a collective input on the direction of this nationally marketed function.  Hypothetically speaking, if this process does not work for/with the independents, then the independents will have to find their own solution to market in competition with SCORE and that waters down the desired exposure.  The developers of SCORE need to be patient and open the software up to as many auditors as possible.  This will guarantee a higher volume of home starts with improvements being added over time.  Those contractors that "do-it-all" will still be doing all they can, and in many cases picking up extra work started by the independents who choose to remain independent.  The active inclusion of our IEA (independent energy auditors) adds as always a desirable element of checks and balances.

While we wait for the people to answer this question from last week (emailed to them Friday), I'll try another one here.

Once a home has been SCORED, will a different energy auditor be able to make changes in that evaluation to reflect new improvements and update the old score?  Since the original EA is not going to share his/her ID with me, I'm the competition, then I need to be able to sign in with my number and some identification for the particular house and input a new set of numbers.  To do it properly, there should be some record as to how all of those estimates were generated, after all, once changes have been made, there may be no way to verify the starting point.




Bud (and Gary),

Anyone who goes through DOE's non-onerous (and free) training can play in this sandbox.  I don't see what the problem is. 

Again, the process is "open": there have been multiple ways to provide input, and continue to be, with scores of people providing input.  The tool and program will also continue to evolve after initial launch.  Nothing cast in stone.  The opportunity to provide input is not limited to any sub-group of practitioners.

In answer to your question, yes mutliple scores can be created (by multiple assessors) over time as the home evolves. And, yes, the entire history of scores/records will be retained.  I believe this "feature" was the result of past input from practitioners like yourselves.


Again, I am not an official DOE representative and encourage you to engage directly with them through the program's website and email address, as well as their regular teleconferences.

Dr. Mills,

Thank you for all of your posts. 

I know anxiety is high with people wanting information regarding the Home Energy Scoring Tool, processes involved, and how the entire program will work. 

This definitely helps! Thanks again!

Thank you Evan, and I apologize if I sound persistent, but I have learned that one must often ask the same question 6 different ways to be sure they are getting the correct answer.  As for contacting DOE directly, I'm still waiting for the answer to my last question.  As for the teleconferences, I'm effectively deaf and cannot participate so I scratch up information wherever I can.  I was hoping this forum would be a good place and so far it seems to have an interesting audience, perhaps we just need to get DOE to stop by once in awhile.

I appreciate you reading my posts and providing answers where you can.




Bud, one of my questions concerning the SCORE tool is will be acceptable for data entry into the DOE's better Buildings programs? I'm involved in Michigan, NY and Connecticut with DOE programs and they all use different data entry programs. What happened to efficiency? The programs and data entry need to be streamlined and everything has to remain open to the independant guys. There is so much going wrong with this process which billions of dollars are going into, while grandkids not even born yet will be paying for this tremdous catastrophe. I've had problems here in CT getting data that other companies have taken off jobs, and the same problem is happening in Michigan. Yes, it is a wait and see what happens deal, but I'm praying that sooner or later we start learning from our mistakes and correcting the problems. I too have sent emails to the DOE and have yet been put on an email list or sent information. It gets tiring chaseing answers all over, and I agree Bud, since this is a DOE website, I had hoped "they" would be on here more.

Hi Gary, compatibility with other software, good question.  I'm not familiar with the program you speak of, but from what I've seen, SCORE is not intended to be part of the more widely used programs.  IMO, this is a marketing tool more than an audit tool, which raises the question as to why they seem so concerned about QC.  On one hand they want us to guess and on the other hand, we had better guess right.


As for spending gov money of wx, I agree, it is already the best investment in town.  Too many incentive programs have people waiting to see if something better is coming soon.  Our government needs to remember the old KISS acronym.  But we must remember, this is all about creating jobs, saving energy is just the cover story.  Sorry I had to say that.


Some new info from DOE:


Hello Home Energy Score Stakeholders,

I have recorded a webinar on Home Energy Score and posted it on On the webinar, I discuss the Home Energy Score pilots conducted in spring and summer 2011. I also talk about our lessons learned and next steps. After watching the webinar, please submit any questions you have by 5pm EST on Wednesday, September 14 to
I will do a live webinar to answer these submitted questions from 1:30 -2:30 PM Thursday, September 15.  As time allows, I will also answer other questions that come up during the live webinar.

To register for the live Q&A webinar, please visit,
Thank you.
Joan Glickman
Home Energy Score, Program Manager

Home Energy Score

Thanks Evan for the heads up.  I listened once but will have to give it a couple more tries before I come back with questions.  From what I got, the term "partnership" didn't sound good, I'm independent and wish to remain so.  Do you know what they want from us in the form of a partnership?  They were also hedging on how they would handle "individuals" with the distinct impression we are not to be trusted, thus mentors, third party verification, and the definite need for Quality Assurance are all under consideration.

In regards to all of the QA, is this SCORE going to be used for anything other than home owner motivation and possible some house to house comparison for home shoppers?  Will it qualify a HO for incentive money or get them a half point off of their mortgage?




I don't have more info on those specific points, but wouldn't read too much into it if I was you.  To get definitive answers, keep sending your input and questions to the DOE.


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