BPI Introduces New Renewal Policy for Certified Home Performance Professionals

Today BPI announced a new certification renewal policy that recognizes the work experience of BPI certified professionals. The new policy eliminates field exam requirements in certain circumstances according to verified work experience. This change will benefit those professionals who maintain continuous certification and remain active in home performance roles.

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BPI has just effectively cut my BPI testing center budget by one third to a half. We typically recertify 60 to 100 canidates a year. Why was the testing centers left out on this decision? BPI has effectively doubled their recertification amount ($300.00 from 150.00) while cutting out the testing centers of the income needed to survive in this down economy. Thanks BPI for looking out for the older established testing centers that earned you income for many years......

This is not going to go over well for the industry as a whole, The high bar of Home Performance has just been lowered as if its a LIMBO competition.

How low can you go!

No more verifications of fields skills and industry best practices. 

Secretary, office personal, no problem.

Have anyone sign into your account for a webinar for you and get your CEU's. get a company letterhead, write a statement saying your recent experience exceeds 3000 hours and have some person signed the bottom, add a check and mail it in.

Presto re-certified..

Poof... industry expert!

As a Proctor and seeing first hand how many experienced individuals can't set up a blower door or preform a CST after years in the field it's a scary thought what the future has in store for Home Performance. Will programs continue to support a Certification process that no longer insures competence of its workforce?

I do believe that at some point the process should be relaxed. But in a tiered fashion. First renewal should be mandatory.

It is easy for someone new to continue to perform health and safety test wrong for 3 years. I personally have been thanked for correcting quite a few. The second renewal (after 6 years) could be limited to CST. The third renew ( after 9 years) in the industry I could see that one was proven oneself and a fee with supported documentation would be appropriate.  This would have provided a clear career path to the new DOE Certifications due to be released in the next few years. Stay tuned for the boom in Quality Assurance opportunities.....

Mike, I totally agee with the tiered recertification that you propose. BPI should change their motto to " Lowering the bar in home performance contracting".

In all seriousness, what did you guys expect them to do - they already knew they were pretty much screwed (or at the crossroads as I stated last year) as so many of us have flat out said thanks but no thanks. In order for them to hold onto their numbers (which is needed for selling themselves to other agencies & programs) they needed to take some drastic steps. Shoot they already rolled over on .89 what makes you think they wont do everything they can to hold onto what they got.


I love it, Tedd came up with the BS Performance Indicator about a year ago & know they got a new motto - lowering the bar in home performance contracting. Heads up, anyone in the training industry had better start looking at diversifying or finding a better program to start teaching

LOL.  Actually the name came from PJ.  

Unfortunately BPI didn't recognize they needed to create a value add reason for people to stay.  We didn't renew our Accreditation, and Certifications will likely not get renewed either, 3000 hour freebee or no.  It's the administrative weight they add.  Cost without benefit. 

I advocated they partner with Saleforce or some ERP and provide data and project management services.  Really help businesses shifting from product sales to fat pipeline consultative make the leap.  Then the data they want would be at their fingertips AND they could assist with best practices instead of creating headaches for everyone.  Instead they add requirements that you log into some useless "CRM" and log jobs at THEIR convenience.  

Who is the CUSTOMER in their view of CRM?  I feel bad for the founders, watching the blood sweat and tears get flushed...

Still, they converted me - I'm a card carrying member of The Cult of the Blower Door!  You guys are too, like it or not.


We provide a service for many years and took pride in providing a one stop shop to the Home Performance and Weatherization industries. We operated 2 centers, a state of the art Lab and a 1,200 sf home designed just towards Home Performance/ Weatherization training and testing. Operating in the expensive NYC market has always been a challenge but is no longer cost effective to provide services for all of BPI / DOE certifications 6 days a week. These new changes will have an effect on the industry as a whole. Not just training providers but contracting companies and certified individuals. In a short meeting held today a preliminary vote was taking not to renew our statues as a BPI testing center. Now till our contract expires all testing and training will be cut back drastically. Also a price increase has been implemented effective immediately for all BPI tests going forward.  Our business plan has included other options to provide services in other markets which the scaling back of the schedule will now allow us to aggressively peruse. I hope that other testing centers will continue to profit and provide services to this industry that is much needed.

Mike, Sorry to read this. NYC will be worse off with you leaving...good luck in your future


A balanced and reasonable strategy from BPI would be to require a triennial review along with CEUs and some form of proof of continued active engagement (work) in the field.  A triennial review by an accredited BPI testing center would be less formal than a field test, but more credible than a letter and a check.

Under the new policy, a BPI-certified contractor that came through the now-shunned certification mills could send in a check and a letter without ever having passed a credible field test, review, or evaluation.  Just as the FAA requires me to have a biennial review to keep my lifetime pilot's license current, requiring a triennial review would help all recert candidates to regularly improve their skills and verify their knowledge.  

A triennial review would help the contractor raise their game, ensure they are up-to-date on the latest building science and codes, while avoiding the onerous field test.  This approach strikes a balance between ensuring a quality workforce and a reasonable certifying process.

Thanks Matt,

Have to move on to new opportunities, I spent many years believing in providing good training to a caring professional contractor network for NYS. The lowering of the bar and lack of third party verification of skills and knowledge of industry professionals has soured our beliefs in the industries first priority - health and safety. As a trainer and super proctor for many years I was required to be tested and pay an additional fee for a video review for 100% of my re- certifications.  During the last 4 months I have been re tested for BA. Envelope, Heating, AC heat pump and RBEWH-ALCI field exams. A major investment  to maintain my required credentials. In fact, 4 of the 5 have not even expired yet. On top of the BPI re-certs I participated in all four DOE/NREL written and field exams.

As a person on the front lines on the Home Performance and Weatherization industry, I have seen more then I would like to admit of certified persons not qualified to continue to hold any certification without additional trainings before being sent out into a persons home. The new policy of a note and a check rubs me so wrong that I'm sick over the future of the industry. The pride and value I once held as a BPI certified professional has been undoubtedly tarnished forever.


You and Delores are real training pros that we at BrightHome have become dependent upon for our own business success.  You will win in the marketplace not because of rules from BPI but your added value to businesses like ours. 

We will continue to use Green Jobs Training Center. 

I think the only hope is to turn the esoteric promise of QUALITY into a measurable, prove-able, metric.  We need to create INCENTIVE for training and excellence.  

Let's face it, when you attempt to REGULATE quality it becomes a race to the bottom.  Every possible corner that can be cut will be cut.  That's the competitive structure of such systems.  Lowest Cost rather than Best Result.  

If we create COMPETITION for quality it continually RAISES the bar.  People who's work is measured and compared have a strong drive to do their best.  They don't like being publicly beaten by their competitors.  (If Hal Smith's air sealing numbers weren't better than Ray Isaac's he'd move heaven and earth to fix that...)

Transparency is the only thing standing in the way of NOT NEEDING these damn programs.  We need JD Powers for Home Performance.  Angies list with RESULTS as well as Customer SAT scores. 

Could ranking contractors based upon ability to deliver on promises be a good place to start?  

How about ability to build accurate energy models?  Could that be another? 

The only way to get to the top of this QUALITY list is through training.  Create a competition for quality and you drive demand for training in a way you NEVER could through regulation.  

Oh, and BTW, think maybe sales and marketing get a WHOLE lot easier when you can show verified evidence of your ability to deliver on promise?  Think jobs get a WHOLE lot bigger?  Youbetcha. 

READ MORE ABOUT THIS HERE:  http://bit.ly/febcontractorupdate

Ted the one thing missing from this graph is the cost associated with theses numbers, but it is a start.


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